The Rising Sun - Tokyo's Oldest British Pub

The Rising Sun Chanko-nabe Appreciation Society

What does Tokyo's oldest British style pub and sumo wrestling's best kept "secret" - the mouthwatering, high protein stew that serves as the wrestlers' main source of energy and nutrition , "chanko-nabe" - have in common?

They come together in a social club originally setup by several of The Sun's regulars; The Rising Sun Chanko-nabe Appreciation Society. Now approaching its fourth year of existence the club was created to offer one and all an opportunity to take a closer look at one of Japan's oldest cultural activities, sumo, through the enjoyment of a truly unique dining experience.

Approximately every other month the club gathers at a chanko-nabe restaurant carefully selected for its quality and authenticity by one of the western world's leading authorities on Japan's national sport. The gatherings are informal, filling and fun with just enough cultural content thrown in to make them educational as well. And the meals are guaranteed to be as delicious as they are reasonably priced. After every dinner we finish up at The Rising Sun for a pint or two and more good conversation so come join us for an evening you just will not be able to forget!

For information about our next gathering come by The Sun, order a pint or a soft drink, and ask for David "Big Dave" Shapiro or Hiro "Antonio Carlos" Kawaguchi.